‘Game changer’ Vick eyes legacy


Image by  Keith Allison 

Love him or hate him Michael Vick has had an impact on what a modern quarterback in the NFL needs in his armoury if he is to be successful in the game and now the playmaker is looking to complete his ‘legacy’.

Having made the switch from the Philadelphia Eagles to the New York Jets, Vick at the age of 33, is edging closer to hanging up his helmet and is in danger of leaving the game without a Super Bowl ring on his finger.

The playmaker never really filled the boots of Donovan McNabb at the Eagles and having made the move to the Jets, he is hoping new environment in New York will soon see somewhat of a renaissance for the veteran and bring back the form that saw him make his name with the Atlanta Falcons.

Many have questioned Vick’s throwing game but nobody can complain about what he brings to a team’s running game.

No one has rushed more as a quarterback in the NFL and his ability to make big plays on the ground, even at this latter stage of his career, is something that should and will excite Jets fans.

It’s hard to say but would there be players likes RGIII at the Washington Redskins or Colin Kaepernick with the San Francisco Giants, were it not for the influence of Vick’s running game.

Those ‘new wave’ quarterbacks have taken the best aspect of Vick and incorporated it into their games to make them a more complete and effective quarterback.

With regards to the campaign to come two things really stand in Vick’s way if this legacy of one of the games’ great quarterbacks is to be recognised.

First of all the Jets have a very good playmaker in the form of Geno Smith and it would take a lengthy dip in form or an injury before Vick would find himself jump up the pecking order in New York.

The second is of course his susceptibility to injury which has plagued him throughout his time in the NFL with the Falcons and the Eagles.

An injury-free season is certainly a rare thing for Vick and one would hope he has no further problems in the campaign to come if he is to surpass Smith and have an influence on this team.

If Vick’s attitude is good and, like Ben Affleck in the movie Runner Runner, he tries to play his cards right, then he certainly can be a great recruitment for the Jets.

Many fans will be questioning whether to back the Jets in what is set to be another highly competitive season of NFL football.

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Whether it’s the Jets’ turn to be crowned champions remains to be seen but with Vick onboard, it’s certainly going to be an interesting ride.

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