Miami Dolphins Would Be Fools to Not Bring Reggie Bush Back

For an organization attempting to build good will in the community after years of ineptitude, the Miami Dolphins can’t seem to get out of their own way.

This should be an exciting offseason where the Dolphins make the leap from being the perrenial 7-9 joke they have been since 2009 into a team ready to contend for a playoff berth. The defense just needs some holes plugged (holes that can easily be plugged in the draft), while the offense has a quarterback in place that has developed well and just needs some playmakers alongside him to really make the offense click.

Taking away a key playmaker and the Dolphins’ most marketable player off the field is not the right way to go!

But according to’s Jason LaCanfora, that’s exactly what the Dolphins are planning on doing.

Reggie Bush‘s ability to make explosive plays and contribute on special teams will lead to a nice market forming for him, I’m sure, and it’s highly unlikely he stays with Miami, sources said.

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