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Playoffs go on without Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers

This was the day many expected Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers to take a step closer to another Super Bowl appearance. At least I did.
Instead, we received another lesson from the Sports Gods, who don’t take kindly to matters of assumption. Manning and Rodgers are history. Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick are moving on.

The NFL playoffs are completely unpredictable. Which should be completely predictable.

Flacco likely got himself paid with his clutch performance at frigid Mile High. Kaepernick might have made the superstar leap with a dynamic showing for the ages. A rushing day of 183 yards by an NFL quarterback. Did you ever think you’d see it?

Kaepernick said very little after the game, because quite frankly, he might be the most boring interview in the NFL today. But that matters little when he’s turning an NFL playoff matchup into his own personal game of “Madden.