Teams looking to make changes as the Free Agent Market opens today.

As the NFL Free Agent Frenzy is about to begin today some teams are looking to lock up their players to contracts prior to the opening of the market. One such team is the Atlanta Falcons who are looking to sign Tony Gonzalez to a new contact now that he has decided to not retire. Apparently, Gonzalez who is about to enter into his 17th season is looking for a one year deal for about 7 million dollars.  Foxsports reports that the lure of the super bowl is just too much for him to retire.

In other news, the New York Jets have apparently make a legitimate trade offer for  Darrelle Revis. Speaking of the Jets, it should not be forgotten that Tim Tebow is still part of their organization, at least for the short term. It is widely speculated that he will be released any day now by the Jets which will make Tebow’s future very uncertain.

One of the things that is very interesting about the free agent market is just how much teams change their look in and effort to win some of the big games.  Speaking of winning, the next time your favorite team is playing you should be sure to check out the Unibet Odds. There you can try your luck with some betting online to see if you can make some extra cash by predicting who you think is going to win the game


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