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Here is what is trending around the NFL on July 29th 2017. is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys have added some depth at quarterback today by adding Luke McCown to a one year 250,000 dollar deal. “In his career, McCown has completed 216 of 356 passes for 2,370 yards with nine touchdowns and 15 interceptions.”

In other news, Washington has signed defensive back Jeremiah McKinnon to a three year contact. In order to make room for him they have to waive Lou Young III.

Browns order Jimmy Haslam is not willing to offer much hope yet for the 2017 NFL season after going a dismal 1-15 last year but says that there is hope of the horizon.

Speaking of money Odell Beckham wants to see the top NFL players start to earn money like the top NBA players. He wants to be the highest paid player in the league and thinks that the top players should be paid like what like Stephen Currey just got, 40 million per year. Speaking on money and games, lots of people like to have fun sports betting. If you are into that you can Find reviews and recommended sportsbooks at the sports betting forum at

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